The world of textiles holds no secrets

Quality Textiles has grown from a wholesale business into a renowned one-stop-shop partner for customers across the world. How? By building a broad range of services based on the needs of fashion retailers, department stores and tailors.

Needless to say: a very extensive collection, for ladies’ and children’s clothing in particular. More than 100,000 metres of fabric pass through our hands every day. And with a stock of more than five million metres of fabric always in our warehouse, you are guaranteed immediate delivery. Recently, we also added Quality Trimmings to our range; a various haberdashery collection of high quality and applicability.

Depending on stock, your order will be on its way for delivery as soon as possible, anywhere in the world. We combine this speed with stringent quality controls – all of which takes place in house – and an exceptionally high service level. Our customers know that we’re always here to help. Based on agreements in which you can put your complete faith.

Like we have been saying for years: “We keep our promises”. Thanks to highly skilled people for which textiles hold no secrets at all.


Quality Textiles has had its roots in the international world of textiles for more than 50 years. With our head office in Oss, an office in Spain, Italy, Germany, and China and a knitting mill in Italy, we take our inspiration from across the world and are at the forefront of fashion and trends.

At home anywhere, always nearby

We operate daily in more than 50 countries via a worldwide network of agents. We run an efficient company with a digital stock system, allowing 24/7 access to information, anywhere. This means you will know exactly what is in stock or when your order will be delivered. Because nowadays worldwide means at home anywhere, always nearby.

You're welcome to contact us for the contact details of the agent in your region:

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